D* Vocabulary

  1. l. Read and learn new words.

livelihoods (n) — the way in which you earn money in order to live beggar-your-neighbour — beggar-my-neighbour is a card game in which the aim is to obtain all one’s opponent’s cards, leaving him with none, (fig) It means something assigned to bring to ruin your neighbour

comparative advantage — the advantage that one country has over another because it is better at making a particular product ivory tower — (often derog) an imaginary place where very clever people are supposed to avoid the difficult reality of ordinary life backdrop (n) — the conditions in which something happens cheerleader (n) — a person who calls for and directs cheering esp.

at sport game

herd instinct — a feeling which makes a group act alike, esp. in being unfriendly towards stranger

footloose capital — free capital that can be put everywhere adverse (adj) — unfavorable; going against; opposing labour intensive — (of an industry) needing a lot of workers compared to its other needs, such as money. Compare with “capital intensive”

residual (adj) — left over; remaining

gear (v) — to allow (an activity or course of action) to be dependent on or influenced by (a particular fact or condition)

diversification (n) — the process of making or becoming different in form, quality, aims, or activities; producing more and different products in order to make a business larger or protect it if the market for certain products fails

self-reliance (n) — ability to act without depending on the help of others

upheaval (n) — a great change, esp. with much activity, confusion, and sometimes violence

  1. 2. Give English equivalents to the following words and expressions:
  1. сравнительное преимущество;
  2. расширение промышленно-хозяйственной деятельности на новые сферы;
  3. остаточный;
  4. средства к существованию;
  5. неблагоприятный;
  6. единство, сплоченность;
  7. стадный инстинкт;
  8. достоверность;
  9. трудозатратный.
  1. 3. Choose an appropriate word or expression from the box to complete the following sentences.

comparative              advantage prudent              livelihood              certainty

labour              intensive              gear              footloose

  1. Removing quotas allows to enrich the world.
  2. These must be ...
    loans requiring the buyer to put in significant capital.
  3. More than one million Americans depend on Japanese companies for their....
  4. There is no ... that an agreement will be reached.
  5. The company was using old, production methods.
  6. We must ... the amount of products we make to the level of public demand.
  7. The proposal has attracted a lot of... comment.
  8. I wish I could be ... fancy-free.
  1. 4. Give synonyms for the italicized words in each sentence below, or briefly explain their meaning.
  1. The Crown remains some vestigial power.
  2. It was not discreet of you to say that.
  3. The expert focused on the conditions inimical to economic development.
  4. You will not get much sustenance out of one bar of chocolate.
  5. She is financially independent (of her family), so called a woman of independent means.
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Источник: Е. Н. Малюга. Английский язык для экономистов: Учебник для вузов / Е. Н. Малюга, Н.              В. Ваванова, Г. Н. Куприянова, И. В. Пушнова. — СПб.: Питер,2005. — 304 с.: ил.. 2005

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