j? К. Case study

K.l. Below are the quotes dealing with globalization and poverty. They are arranged in order from the most pro-globalization to the most anti-globalization. Read them through and give your point of view.

“Globalization, then, is growth-promoting. Growth, in turn, reduces poverty. ...the liberalization of international transactions is good for freedom and prosperity. The anti-liberal critique is wrong: marginalisation is in large part caused by not enough rather than too much globalization.” — Raze- en Sally, London School of Economics.

“Personally, I do not believe that those [ poor j people are victims of globalization. Their problem is not that they are included in the global market but, in most cases, that they are excluded from it.” — Kofi Annan.

“There needs to be a better balance between the role of markets and the role of government. Simplistic reforms based on free-market ideology don’t work. The way that East Asia managed globalization, which combined an export-orientation with policies aimed at poverty reduction, worked even for the poor people. These countries did liberalize trade, but only as they created jobs.” — Joseph E. Stiglitz, 1991 winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics.

“Obscene patterns of poverty and inequalities amidst ostentatious wealth are thus the very stuff of our global system. They raise basic issues of morality and ethics for the prosperous areas of the world. VVe need to be asking whether the current inequalities are legitimate and just? Can something be done to achieve some degree of human decency?” — Robert Fatton,Jr., University of Virginia.

K.2. Does globalization bring great opportunity to the world or does it bring deeper poverty?

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Источник: Е. Н. Малюга. Английский язык для экономистов: Учебник для вузов / Е. Н. Малюга, Н.              В. Ваванова, Г. Н. Куприянова, И. В. Пушнова. — СПб.: Питер,2005. — 304 с.: ил.. 2005

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